For guys, navigating digital media sucks. We aim to provide some interesting roadmaps.

Today's inbox for the modern man is full of negativity and work. We are an upgrade every morning. We find the gold in the endless current of content and share it with our subscribers in daily newsletters with our own original take. We cover everything the affluent modern man cares about but can be better defined by what we don't cover. No news. No politics. No bullshit.

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Attention is earned. And over time, we have gained the trust of our subscribers (affluent men) by consistently entertaining and educating them. It’s why our engagement numbers are industry-leading.


1,150,000 Engaged Readers
95% Male
95% US Based
Ages: 25-64
HHI: 65% $150,000+

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70%+ Open Rates
10%+ Click Rates
Miniscule Unsubscribe Rates

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